Uganda is a beautiful and diverse country rich in hidden secrets and historical atmosphere. For those willing to familiarize themselves with this enchanting country there could be a variety of Uganda safari options that will enable you discover much about the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is a land locked located in east Africa neighboring Kenya, south Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda has the source of river Nile – the longest river in Africa and the world at large as well as a number of wildlife attractions that range from natural including the gently sloping hills in south western Uganda, natural forests, lake and rivers and many others. It was on such basis that sir Winston Churchill named Uganda as the pearl of Africa. Many other travelers call Uganda gifted by nature, true African beauty and others Africa in one.

The tourists who visit the country most times say that they are feeling at home as they freely interact with the very hospitable Ugandans while enjoying Ugandan local cuisines and delicacies. Over the past years, a number of tourists from various parts of the world have been visiting uganda to be get close to the country’s natural wildlife resources and engage in the most adventurous and rewarding African tourism experiences. The major wildlife attractions and activities include.

Primates and Mountain Gorilla Tracking
Primates especially monkeys and chimpanzees live in Uganda’s major tropical rainforests that include Kibale forest located in western Uganda, Budongo forest located in mid western Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable forest located in south western Uganda which also harbors half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas among others.

Mountain gorilla and chimpanzee tracking are among the prime tourist activities carried out in Uganda where tourists go for quests in the forest to track some of their close relatives the mountain gorillas which has about 95% and chimpanzees with about 98% DNA similar to humans. These live in groups that are lead by dominant males and largely depend on leaves, shoots and wild fruits for food.

Mountain gorilla permits in Uganda are sold at only $600 and mountain gorillas in Uganda can either be viewed from either Bwindi impenetrable forest which has 12 mountain gorilla families or Mgahinga gorilla national park also located in south western Uganda with one mountain gorilla family. For remarkable primates and mountain gorilla tracking, tourists are advised to visit the respective destinations during the dry season to avoid being inconvenienced by rain.

Wildlife Safaris
Uganda also offers remarkable wildlife viewing and safaris especially in the leading national parks that have a number of wildlife species that mainly include elephants (the largest land mammals), cape buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, Rothschild giraffes, rhinos, impalas, zebra, giant forest hogs and a number of bird species some of which are endemic to the Albertine region.

A visit to any of Uganda’s 10 national parks offers amazing experiences to tourists who can engage in various tourist activities of their choice that mainlyinclude game drives, nature walks, hiking, boat trips birding to mention but a few. Uganda wildlife safaris are very enjoyable and always keep tourists wanting more which often forces them to come for repeat visits.

Community Visits
Uganda is one of the countries in the world with great cultural diversity with over 56 tribes each with a unique customs and cuisines. A visit to any of the Ugandan communities introduces tourists to enjoyable authentic experiences especially of the major foods and cultural practices. One of the communities in Uganda that offer exclusive experiences is the Bagishu community that live around the slopes of mount Elgon. The Bagishu usually carryout annual male circumcision aimed at transforming boys to real manhood. Those to be circumcised are smeared with flour and then assembled and circumcised in the presence of crowds of people. In order to show their courage and braveness, they are not supposed to show any signs of fear. Watching the Imbalu circumcision offers a great insight of true African tradition.

Adventure and Thrilling Activities
Uganda just has a remedy for all the desires of holidaymakers and those interested in adventure can go for hiking the various mountains in uganda for example the snow capped mount Rwenzori, Sabyinyo volcanic mountain or go for river Nile expeditions carrying out whit water rafting.

Those above mentioned tourist activities are among the few things one can enjoy on a Uganda safari but there is so much more to enjoy. Just plan and come to the pearl and have personal experiences.