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Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

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Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most famous national park of Uganda. It is located in the western part of the country. The borders of the park are formed by Lake Edward, the Kazinga Channel and Lake George. This park has been named after queen Elisabeth II and is established in 1954.

The Mweya Lodge near the Kazinga Channel is very famous among tourists, as many birds, hippo’s, buffalo’s, elephants and, if you’re lucky, lions can be spotted from the lodge. The park has become famous because of the great variety of wild animals despite the fact that many animals have been killed during the war between Uganda and Tanzania. Nowadays, over 90 mammals and over 500 different species of birds can be found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Furthermore, in the park a few craters can be found filled with saltwater lakes. Flamingo’s can be spotted there!

Since 2006 the park has to deal with a lot pressure, because of the stream of thousands of live animals into Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Basongoro, a tribe that almost lost all of its ground to the government of Uganda and who were living in the Virunga Park in Congo until March 2006. Since then they are not welcome anymore in Virunga and therefore they have moved to an area of 300 km2 in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Ugandan government allowed this and tried to claim livestock area’s next to park, as a solution. Meanwhile many Ugandan farmers abused the situation and moved with their live animals into the park as they were looking for fresh grounds for their animals. In July 2007 about 40.000 live animals were living in Queen Elizabeth National Park. In order to protect their live animals from predators, farmers poisoned many predators. Hyena’s and leopards disapeared drastically and people are afraid that lions will extinguish in Queen Elizabeth. Also, many antelopes have just become a rare appearance.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth National Park is open all-year-long, but spotting animals is best from January to February and June to July (the Dry seasons). In the Wet seasons from March to May and August to December the park is beautifully green and lush.

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