President Museveni launches the new source of the Nile Bridge which is the tallest in Africa
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President Museveni launches the new source of the Nile Bridge which is the tallest in Africa

His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda, today (Wednesday, 17th / October / 2018) launches the construction of the new Nile Bridge to cost over sh390b. The New Jinja Bridge, also known as termed the New Nile Bridge or the source of the Nile Bridge and it is the second bridge after the Nalubaale Bridge, which was built in 1954.

On commissioning the new source of the Nile Bridge, president Museveni as chief guest has been accompanied by a high level delegation from the Japanese government that sponsored the building of the bridge at 80 percent cost.

Uganda will boast of the first cable-stayed bridge, and one of the biggest and deluxe bridge projects in East and Central Africa. And, at completion, the 525m long iconic new Nile Bridge, with a life-span of 100 years, will consume the longest single-plane cable configuration in Africa and will go a long way in boosting Uganda’s trade and tourism potentials.

Of the fact to reduce road traffic, President Museveni said that, the new bridge is only for vehicles and pedestrian and motor and bike cyclists will remain using the old bridge.

Abraham Byandala the minister of works and transport Minister, said that the new bridge will enhance the Northern Corridor transportation efficiency. He further added, “We shall have an alternative bridge and certainty of uninterrupted traffic flow rather than what we have had with a single bridge at Jinja, over Nalubaale/Owen Falls.”

Since its construction started in April 2014, the bridge has simply been referred to as “The New Nile Bridge” until cabinet chaired by Museveni days ago zeroed on “The Source of the Nile Bridge”, having asked people from Busoga to name the bridge.

Why the new source of the Nile bridged has been constructed?

The New Nile Bridge is expected to ease transport by relieving traffic loading from the existing deteriorating Nalubaale dam / bridge structure, to enhance tourism and to serve as a major trade route connecting Uganda to the Kenyan port of Mombasa, Rwanda, Burundi, the DR Congo as well as the Central Africa.

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