Mbarara town found in the western region of Uganda has officially been declared a tourism site and the Ankole omugabe palace renamed as Ankole heritage site.
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Mbarara town has been declared a tourism city

Mbarara Town in Mbarara district is found in the western region of Uganda the pearl of Africa approximately about 290 kilometre from Kampala. It is an important business hub as the traveler can easily connect with any place in the western region from Mbarara Town.

Today on the day of 28th, month of August, and the year 2018 (28th/08/2018), the Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey informed the general public that Mbarara is now tourism a city.

Of this fact, 10 billion shillings has been availed to carry on renovations on the Omugabe Palace, currently named the Ankole Heritage site. The Ankole Omugabe Palace will be a tourist destination centre. The Ankole cultural diversity will be captured in the art and this will help the young generation to understand the rich culture and preserve it for future generations.

Mbarara Town is a lively and ideal resting place for tourists or visitors heading to destinations in the western region including tourist attraction places like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo national park and the Rwenzori Mountains.

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