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Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Africa Travel Guide offers truely unique experiences in Uganda. We offer international (small) group tours aswell as tailor made holidays. Why not combine Uganda with a trip to Rwanda?!

Lake Bunyonyi is pittoresque lake that literally means ‘place of many small birds’. Bunyonyi is a very nice place to relax a bit after a journey full with experiences. Around the lake many small villages are located. The local people are living from their banana plantations. A lot of different (small) islands are situated in the lake itself. You can discover this lake by boat. Also, canoe and walking tours are a possibility.

Best time to visit Lake Bunyonyi
The dry months from June to August and December to February at the best times to visit Lake Bunyonyi.

Tailor made for you!
Do you want more activities in your itinerary, visit a local market or travel in a local train? We include it in your travel program!

Use the knowledge of our local guides, tour leaders and lodge managers. They can advise you on the small off the beaten track places to visit, a special project, a brilliant local restaurant, a woman empowerment or conservation project. Be spontaneous while travelling and find the hidden gems!

You don’t have to worry that we put you in lodges with busloads of tourist, standing in line for the buffets. However, extremely remote, special small-scale (eco) lodges are of course slightly more expensive. In our standard travels we therefore choose the best price-quality lodges, not too main stream but rustic and comfortable accommodations in a beautiful setting.

Whether you want to drive behind the crowds on a game drive (if a lion is spotted you will soon find out via a radio) or just want to find the quiet places, it’s up to you. Talk to your guide continuously and you will have a blast!

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